CATA Partners to Understand the Benefits and Opportunities of Tapping Highly Skilled Immigrant Talent in ICT SME Firms - Please Complete Our Survey
February 29, 2008

Calling all ICT Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (under 500 employees)! Are you experiencing IT talent shortages that are threatening your organization’s ability to compete and grow? Are you tapping into the talent of highly skilled immigrants and other underrepresented groups to meet your IT talent requirements? Immigrant and visible minority IT hires can open doors to growth and investment capital for your firm. What do you see as the benefits and opportunities of tapping their talents?

In order to help answer these questions, CATAAlliance is joining forces with the Conference Board of Canada and ICTC on a Survey and Research project.

++ Action Item: Please help us to understand the challenges and opportunities you are facing in attracting, recruiting and retaining highly skilled immigrant and visible minority IT workers by clicking on the survey link below.

The ICT sector is major driver of Canada’s competitiveness and growth. The Information and Communications Technology Council estimates that 89,000 IT positions will need to be filled in the next 3 to five years. The Conference Board calculates the economic impact of not filling those 89,000 positions for a period of one year is more than $10.6 billion. Don’t loose business opportunities by being short of talent!

Yours sincerely,
John Reid, President, CATAAlliance