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February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

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New Health Promotion Loyalty Program for Employees: to Change the Face of Workplaces in Canada

In Canada, an employee with three or more risk factors (e.g. sedentary lifestyle, smoker, overweight, and drink too much alcohol) is absent 50% more often than staff with no such risk factors and the cost to an employer in employee absenteeism time is approximately $8.6 billion.

Many employers understand that they need to foster healthy environments for their employees to create a sustainable and prosperous organization, the challenge is engagement of the employee in workplace wellness programs.

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New Patient Loyalty Program

New Patient Loyalty Program: to Change the Face of Healthcare in Canada

50% of the Canadian population will have chronic disease and illness by the year 2020.

All stakeholders in the healthcare arena understand the importance of healthy eating, quitting smoking, taking medications properly and getting more physically active. Yet, chronic disease is on the rise and funding models are in question. There are many health promotion websites addressing various diseases, but the challenge is recommending credible resources for patients that truly meet their needs for a personalized, total health adherence approach.

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