Are You Prepared for Today's Talent Recruitment Challenges?
February 27, 2008

Ottawa, February 27, 2008… One of the keys to competitive success is the ability to attract skilled talent and to foster executive leadership. In fact, very few decisions will have a greater impact on corporate performance than the hiring of a new executive. Are you prepared for today's talent recruitment challenge?

The newly published "Executive Recruiting for Leaders" Guide authored by David Perry, of Perry-Martel International and specially prepared for the CATAAlliance will help meet the challenge.Mr. Perry is also hosting a special On-Line Expert Consultation for industry executives with questions about best practices. Now take a few minutes to view a short video of Mr. Perry's assessment of labour markets and remedies at CATA TV:

"Executive Recruiting for Leaders" is a tour of the search and interview process, from beginning to end. The Guide maps out a soup to nuts strategy to uncover, interview, maintain the interest of and finally hire the very best talent. It provides insider's secrets and tips to locate, evaluate, hire and retain top talent.

The Guide is divided into multiple headings, including:

  • Attributes of Successful Executives (Pillars of Success, Core Attributes, Interview Traps)
  • Assessing All Your Options (Extended Network, Competitive Intelligence, A-Players, Advertising, Research/Sourcing Firms, Contingency Recruiters, Executive Search Firms)
  • Forming a Search Committee
  • How to Select A Search Committee Chair (Duties, How to Decide if You Need A Professional, Roles and Expectations)
  • How to Describe a Job Accurately: Best Practices
  • Screening, Interviewing and Evaluating Candidates
  • Making the Final Selection
  • Developing a Wining Offer
  • Reference Checking
  • How to Select an Executive Search Firm
  • Process and Methodology Do Not Guarantee Results
  • How to Work with an Executive Search Firm
  • Conclusion and Appendix (Dos & Don'ts, Success, Check List)

If your organization plans hire top talent, then the Guide and On-Line Q&A could be your "success map".Get the 50 page, Executive Recruiting for Leaders Guide written for CATA's Innovation Nation Campaign and also join David Perry in a special Q&A hosted on the CATAAlliance Global social networking for business HUB.


To obtain the Executive Recruiting for Leaders Guide, please complete the on-line form.

Cost: Complimentary as part of CATA's Innovation Nation Campaign, including a special invite to the CATAAlliance social networking for business HUB, where you can ask your talent questions.
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