Important Call for Advocacy Guidance from CATA's Leadership Council
February 26, 2014

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  • Group: Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA)
  • Subject: Important Call for Advocacy Guidance from CATA's Leadership Council

Dear Community members

Please assist us in setting out go forward advocacy by providing advice on any issue, obstacles or required enabling resource affecting enterprise and innovation growth in Canada.

Your guidance will be used to shape CATA's National Spokesperson & Chair of Mitel and Wesley Clover, Sir Terence Matthew's "State of the Union" address to our Gala audience, a report on the condition of the innovation nation and an opportunity for Mr. Matthews to outline a legislative agenda and national priorities.

Mr. Matthews has either founded or funded over 80 companies since 1972 including Newbridge Networks, a company he launched in 1986 and which became a leader in the worldwide data networking industry.

Please review our Gala program below, and also plan to attend as part of celebrating Canada's innovation successes.

29th Annual CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership Gala:

Thank you for your assistance in advancing Canada's competitive innovation nation.

On behalf of CATA's Leadership Council
John Reid, CATA CEO

Posted By John Reid