Mobilexchange Spectrum, Inc. new CATA member supporting the Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign
February 26, 2013

We are very pleased to announce that Mobilexchange Spectrum, Inc. has joined the growing ranks of new CATA members, supportive of the industry's Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign and utilizing CATA Resources to help grow their business.

 Mobilexchange Spectrum, Inc.  

Mobilexchange Spectrum, Inc. 24GHz leased spectrum is offered to operators as well as private users. Mobilexchange Spectrum will facilitate the customer's application for a subordinate licence with Industry Canada. The subordinate licence, as issued by Industry Canada, grants privileges and obligations similar to those that apply to Mobilexchange Spectrum.  Only Mobilexchange Spectrum customers can use the 24GHz licensed spectrum in our service areas which facilitates implementation. Mobilexchange Spectrum leased spectrum removes the barriers to economically obtaining licensed, high capacity spectrum. Short or long term lease terms are available with payment options that offer simple and economically efficient way of providing fixed wireless broadband networks. Mobilexchange Spectrum offers both large and small operators a carrier-class spectrum solution that can accommodate speeds from T-1 up to OC-3 (155 Mb/s). Mobilexchange Spectrum addresses the needs of all types of customers for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint systems.

++ Action Item:  Please review an Open letter from Sir Terry Matthews, CATA's National Spokesperson, on Why Join CATA. In the Open letter, there is also a link to a CATANet TV video interview of CATA President, John Reid, talking about business leverage provided by the CATAAlliance.