Strengthening Canada's Response to Export Deficits
February 24, 2009

OTTAWA February 24, 2009 - The CATA-China eProfile will allow Canadian - and North American companies an opportunity to build or realize their China strategy. Completing this short, online form will allow CATA to assess and facilitate your ambitions for this critical market.

For over four years, CATA has been uniquely positioned as the only offshore IT association with fully-staffed offices in China; with two locations and access to hundreds of resources to assist our members access the vast opportunities the region has to offer.

With the launch of the China eProfile, CATA is even more aggressively helping companies offset the loss from eroding U.S. and domestic markets by proactively assisting organizations to maximize sales and profits, while at the same time offsetting the risks and challenges normally associated with accessing mainland China.

A number of delegations to China are planned for 2009 and financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Numerous incentives from salary caps, free office space and accommodation, training and tax rebates are also potentially available for those companies who use the Portal opportunity.

To submit an eProfile, please click on the link below:

Upon successfully completing the eProfile, a CATA representative will contact you to review your submission, discuss your company's specific needs, and determine how the Portal may be best leveraged to your unique advantage.

For more information, contact VP Research Kevin Wennekes at or at 613.769.8614.