Information Flow Among Municipal IT Directors/CIOs
February 23, 2012

How can information sharing among municipal IT Directors/CIOs help improve ICT impacts on the performance of your organization? Do Government CIOs need different support for advice networking than CIOs in for-profit firms?

These are the questions we seek to better understand in a research collaboration between CATAlliance and McMaster University. We are asking our member municipal IT Directors/CIOs to participate in the study by completing the web survey available at:

This survey has been pre-tested with government CIOs and requires just 20 minutes to complete. CATAlliance will receive and provide the final report of the results to members, which is expected to shed light on some of the benefits of networking among CIOs, and ways to improve the benefits of networking. Details regarding the study and the confidentiality and privacy of information are provided on the first page of the survey, above.

We thank you for considering participation in this important study. Should you have further questions, please contact the primary investigator at