Northrop Grumman IT Seeks Technology Collaborations
February 22, 2006

  • Collaboration opportunities with Northrop Grumman IT
  • For Canadian Advanced Technology Enterprises, Academia and Government
  • Targeting Technologies Aligned with Northrop Grumman IT's Technology Focus
  • Respond by: March 28, 2006
Contact: CATAAlliance
Phone: (613) 236-6550
Call to Action:
Confirm your interest in Doing Business with Northrop Grumman IT by email to Muriel Debroy


Ottawa, February 22, 2006... Northrop Grumman IT wishes to identify innovative Canadian organizations developing technologies and capabilities which are a strategic match with its business needs.

Northrop Grumman IT is one of the industry's premier technology leaders. Headquartered in McLean, Va., the company generates annual sales of approximately $5 billion and has more than 23,000 employees worldwide. It has a major presence in homeland security initiatives and is the No. 1 provider of security solutions to the federal government. It is also a leader in public safety systems and one of the world's largest suppliers of 911 First Responder Computer-Aided Dispatch systems. The company was recently selected as the lead for the wireless public safety network in New York City.

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Northrop Grumman IT's overall goal is to identify global technology partnerships or new solutions that can help reduce cycle time or cost in providing cost effective solutions to its diverse customer base. Thus companies and organizations interested in technology collaboration should have somewhat mature technologies (Technology Readiness Level >3 : Concept / function already proven through analytical and experimental means).

Technology Focus List:

In terms of looking for partners and new solutions, areas of interest include: quality inspectors, wireless RF testing, wireless drive testing, network engineering, microwave engineering and installation, installation and maintenance, security assessment and vulnerability analysis, training (standup/CBT/simulation), documentation origination, hardware resellers. Other areas of ongoing interest include: intelligent video algorithms, alarm integration and management, identity management, cargo pre-inspection, rapid access control solutions, intelligent perimeter and intrusion control, information analysis.

Qualification of Interests and Next Steps:

  • Review Northrop Grumman's Technology IT's Focus List (see above) and determine your organization's area of interest.

  • Ensure that your organization has relevant published scientific papers, presentations and/or patents that can be reviewed by the Northrop Grumman IT evaluation team.

  • Ensure your corporation is Controlled Goods Certified or be willing to become controlled Goods Certified before entering into business arrangements with Northrop Grumman IT.

  • Contact CATAAlliance with your expression of interest, providing key contact and background information. Your organization will then be provided with a URL link to a simple template for completion.

  • Confirm your CATA membership status. Processing fees may apply.

  • All expressions of interest must be submitted by March 28th, 2006, 17:00 EST by email to Muriel Debroy.

Next Steps:

  • Northrop Grumman IT will review information from selected candidates to determine which areas are of specific interest for future follow-up.

  • Northrop Grumman IT will coordinate internally to make sure that each selected Canadian company would be able to meet with the appropriate Director. Follow-up could take several forms including teleconference, videoconferences and site visits to determine the appropriate vehicle for collaboration.

CATA is undertaking this initiative on behalf of its partner, International Trade Canada and the Consulate General of Canada in New York.

Please take note that Collaboration opportunities with Rockwell Collins Inc. are open until February 28, 2006. See for details.