Understanding Public Safety Information Management: By Inspector (Ret.) Lance Valcour, O.O.M., VP, CATAAlliance [ Ecosystem versus Individual Technologies! Published in Wavelength, an APCO Journal
February 19, 2015

About the Author

Inspector (Ret.) Lance Valcour O.O.M. is the Vice President of Public Safety & Emergency Management for the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. He retired from the Ottawa Police Service in 2010 after 33 years of service. Between 2010 and 2014 he led the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group. He is also the Past Chair of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Information Management Section and a Technical Advisor to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Information and Communications Technology Committee. His international research and consultancy practice provides additional insight and experience in the areas discussed in this article.

Understanding Public Safety Information Management:

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Many public safety officials around the world view issues such as Next Generation 9-1-1, Public Safety Broadband (FirstNet for our US partners), Body Worn Video and Unmanned Ariel Systems as distinct and separate technologies. I think they are wrong. I believe that these technologies, or better yet “capabilities,” and the myriad of others public safety and emergency management agencies are exploiting, are merely components of a new, exciting, dynamic and complex public safety information management ecosystem. It is only by understanding this ecosystem, as much as anyone can understand issues as diverse as the “Internet of things,” cloud computing, precision information environments, deployable broadband and advanced analytics, that public safety leaders will be able to leverage them and, more importantly, effectively plan at the regional, national and international levels...

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