Reduction in High-Tech Sector Litigation Costs is Goal of New Institute
February 19, 2009

February 19, 2009

Canadian Institute for Conflict Management creates Best Practice Forum and offers Guidebook

For companies that can't afford to get bogged down in legal disputes in today's "crises economy", a new door is now open, according to Paul LaBarge, CATA Co Chair of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) and partner in the Ottawa law firm LaBarge Weinstein LLP.

"To help provide ongoing guidance and support to companies that would otherwise be involved in costly legal battles, we have set up a new organization, called the Canadian Institute for Conflict Management. The CIFCM will, among other things, offer an On-Line Forum to share best practice expertise in dispute management which includes methods of dispute resolution outside the conventional lawsuit. It will also make available for online download a new guidebook, entitled "A Process for Commercial Conflict Management: an Alternative to the High Cost of Litigation for the Resolution of Commercial Disputes.

"Our goal is to assist people in the use of these techniques of conflict management through an active information exchange and debate. For example, the On-Line Forum will serve as a vehicle to expand members' network of professional contacts. Group members will be able to access research white papers, best practices, and case studies and also post high impact questions to stimulate community dialogue, debate, and learning."

LaBarge continued, "We also think that the time is right to create the Canadian Institute for Conflict Management, as part of an institutional structure to facilitate partnership building with similar bodies worldwide, as we seek best practice advice and guidance for Canadian organizations facing difficult competitive challenges."

According to a recent Survey conducted by CATAAlliance on the litigation experiences of 90 companies, the approximate cost in legal fees alone for managing their disputes exceeded $17 million. Out of this group of 90 companies, 67% had more than one law suit in the last three years.

Paul LaBarge, CATA Co Chair is interviewed by CATA's CEO John Reid on Survey results.