CATAAlliance Announces University Of Ottawa School of Management Award for Private Sector Leadership
February 16, 2006

OTTAWA, February 16, 2006 - CATAAlliance, Canada's largest high tech association, and the traditional champion of Canadian Research, Development and Innovation announced today that its long-standing award for the Private Sector Leadership in Canada has been renamed the ' University of Ottawa School of Management Award For Private Sector Leadership.'

The CATAAlliance Award for Private Sector Leadership is presented to an individual from the private sector in recognition of outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership which has significantly expanded the frontiers of Canada's advanced technology industry. Past winners have included: Lionel Hurtubise, David Sutcliffe, Dr. Josef Straus, Bruce Lazenby, Michael Cowpland, Doug Smeaton, among others over a 21 year Award history of celebrating Canadian innovation.

"We have a shared goal of supporting projects that foster the development of better leaders, both within their organizations and communities," said CATAAlliance president John Reid. "We're proud to announce that our most prestigious award for Private Sector Leadership will be named in the University of Ottawa's honour."

Micheál J. Kelly, Dean at the University of Ottawa School of Management added, "The University of Ottawa School of Management, links and learns from Canada's community of leaders. In sponsoring the CATA Private Sector Leadership Award, we leverage those links to help make leadership a core theme for Canada's growth today and into the future."

The Private Sector Leadership Award will be presented on June 20th at CATAAlliance's 21th Annual Innovation Awards Gala Dinner, to be held in Ottawa. Local CJOH Tech Now Host, Paul Brent will be the MC for the evening that traditionally gathers 300 of Canada's senior technology leaders.

The University of Ottawa School of Management and CATAAlliance are also part of a The Leadership Forum, a series of seminars where seasoned and successful business leaders help Ottawa executives prepare for business leadership. The Leadership Forum is a joint initiative in support of Ottawa's business community and Ottawa's emerging top talent. TLF provides the opportunity for a small group of hand-picked executives to get the advice of leaders who can broaden their perspectives on the global marketplace.

"CATAAlliance has been known for excellence representing technology and innovation enterprise in Canada," concluded Dean Kelly. "So, we think it is only natural that we should honour innovative and creative Canadian Business Leaders with an award with our name on it."

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Nominees and winners gain significant profile opportunities with the media, customers, suppliers and potential partners.