Cyber Security updates from the desk of Katherine Thompson, VP at CATA: Join with us in advancing the mission
February 13, 2015

A Message from CATAAlliance: we are sharing an update from the desk of Katherine Thompson, VP at CATA and cyber security lead (

Since the announcement of the CATA Cyber Council, I have had the pleasure of speaking with some of the industry's most interesting, insightful and passionate leaders. Each conversation leaves me more excited and more committed to driving forward on the mandate that you have asked for.
Return on Investment: So what make this council and mandate different from others? While there are many great organizations focused on cyber research and the issues facing industry and government, this council also is committed to showcasing the leaders who are shaping the strategy, policies and emerging technologies. We are committed to building a hub of expertise and innovation recognized not only in Canada but around the world.  Your investment of time and support will provide an ROI--I am committed to delivering this!

Our research reflects  what the market is talking about:
Media regarding government's need to align with private sector on threat analysis and communication
CATA's position: In December 2014, CATA announced a research project with Humanled, assessing current information sharing practices related to cyber security threats between federal government and the private sector.

Media regarding growing global shortage of skilled cyber security professionals
CATA's position: This issue was discussed at our November forum which resulted in the announcement of a LMI study with ICTC.

Engaging government leaders: Another first for CATA is our decision to register as a government lobbyist around cyber security issues and policies facing Canadian business, government and consumers. We are actively pursuing constructive conversations about the issues and opportunities cyber security presents as it relates to job creation, a proposed innovation cluster for cyber security and legislative considerations. If you and your organization have a voice and view related to any of these topics, I want to hear from  you.

Katherine Thompson
Vice-President & National Spokesperson
207 Bank St. Suite 416

Ottawa, ON   K2P 2N2
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