Anyone, anywhere, anytime: Call to action for the mission of moving Canada to 1st place
February 12, 2016

crowdsourcingimage.jpgAnyone, anywhere, anytime (CATA's Business Model)
Dear Community members

“Anyone, anywhere, anytime, embracing the latest mobility technologies to leverage resources, crowd networks and strategies to move Canada to 1st place or an A grade in innovation and competitiveness”  (CATA’s Business Model).

With the above caption in mind, please read and post to your social media our new edition of the CATA News Connections, designed for the mobility device! You will find it online:

In the News Connections we headline current advocacy underway with each Initiative set out in a template linked to research, white papers and video commentary validation.

Every issue was crowdsourced from very large CATA managed opt in social networks or partner networks that share our mission of moving Canada to 1st place! And the same networks are being mobilized to seek resolution and acceptance of recommended changes.

It is an open, inclusive, non special interest approach to Super Pacs of the very few. Those days are over!

The citizens who participate and who have helped set the agendas are students, teachers, retired executives, CEOs in large companies, CEOs in small companies, government executives, media, housewives, researchers, everyday citizens with ideas, networks of contacts and energy to help Canada succeed.

Our tech savvy management team facilitates and performs on the ground support, and we are very good at it!

So the ask is for you - anyone, anywhere, anytime - to engage with CATA to advance the shared community mission.

On behalf of the CATA Innovation Leadership Council

John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance