From the desk of CanWIT (Women in Tech) executive Director, Emily Boucher: Please opt in to the CanWIT Social media network today to receive updates (400 current members)
February 12, 2013

We are calling on Canada’s women in tech executives to opt in to the CanWIT (Women in Tech) moderated social media network. You can add your name at this URL:

Please circulate this communiqué internally within your organizations to all women executives and staff. We will be increasingly using this network to alert you to expansions in our mentorship, innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

CanWIT Social Media Network Overview

The CanWIT, a Division of CATAAlliance Group is a social media Forum for women professionals to connect with peers, share knowledge, promote research, collaborate and seek suggestions and advice on career advancement and business growth in the high-growth technology sector.

Additionally, we will be posting updates on changes to legislation, as well as, advocacy underway to foster the advancement of women in technology.

We are committed to the advancement of women in technology under the CATAAlliance innovation umbrella.