Crowd Funding: Securities Legislation: Expert Commentary: Will Canada Keep Up with the U.S.?
February 15, 2012

One of the roles of CATAAlliance is to organize advocacy Campaigns that will contribute to innovation leadership in Canada. We recently launched a Crowd Funding Campaign to make it easier for small investors to invest in early stage companies or start-ups.

Advocacy Campaigns draw on a pool of research, and communications resources as well as the expertise that resides among the thought leaders within the CATAAlliance business network.

Watch the latest CATAnet TV interview as CATA CEO John Reid, interviews securities lawyer, Andrea Johnson, Partner at FMC Law.  Ms Johnson discusses some of the complexities of securities legislation in Canada and the process for potential change.  Will Canada keep up with the U.S.?          


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Executives interested in receiving a six page briefing on " General Overview of Canadian Securities Laws Relating to Raising Capital By Early Stage Companies" should contact CATA CEO, John Reid at

For your calendar, please reserve your seat at our  Crowd Funding Teleforum on "The Future of Start-up Financing"  where you will be able to join experts to have your questions answered, expand your peer group and help advance industry advocacy. We provide local dial in in all major North American cities. All callers receive an MP3 recording and PDF materials for your briefings and follow-up.

Interested in corporate profile?  Please review how to be considered for the Intel/CATA Small Business Showcase where we reach out to trade press, customers and prospects.

John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance

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