Innovation tax credits (e.g., SR&ED): Call to Action!
March 16, 2016

Innovation Tax Incentives

Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) is a not-for-profit organization representing and promoting Canadian innovation and high tech industries. As "Canada's One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group", we crowdsource ideas and guidance from thousands of opt-in members in moderated social networks in Canada.

We ask you to review our commentary and letter to Ministers entitled “A Call for Political Leadership: Best ways to leverage the Canadian economy off the growth of Canada's innovative businesses” presented at::

Although we see tax based incentives, including the SR&ED program, remaining the key mechanism of business support for the ICT sector, we think that there is a real opportunity for improvement. We are calling on the Government for an in depth, detailed, comprehensive microeconomic review of the SR&ED program. The evaluation should focus on what tax provisions are effective, how effective they are, what can be improved, and what funds can be freed up for other initiatives to support innovation with a better return on investment for Canadian taxpayers.For an opinion piece we have recently prepared as background, please see:

++ Action Item: Please support this important advocacy by offering your views and guidance as part of helping Canada advance its innovation and competitiveness rankings.

On behalf of the CATA Innovation Leadership Council John Reid, CATA CEO