Important Alert & Action Request: please Opt In to our Core moderated Social Media Group (6450 members) & CATA Twitter (16,000 Followers) today
February 13, 2013


To: Community Executives on CATA’s email lists

From: John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance

Re: Migration of lists to Social Media Groups, Take Action

Dear Community Executives

Because of new legislation that will affect the use of direct email lists, we have decided to migrate our email database to CATA’s core (fully moderated) social media group on linkedin (currently with 6400 members). If you wish to continue to receive or wish to receive industry/community updates and alerts, then please see below for your Action Items:

++ Action Items: 

For executives who wish to be part of the CATAAlliance  Opt  In Group (6450 members) please go to this URL:    and join at no cost.

That puts you first in line for updates, alerts, peer connections and also gives you the opportunity to add to the conversations on advancing Canada’s Competitive Innovation Nation.

A second recommended action is to become a CATA Twitter Follower (currently we have 16,000 Followers) by going to this URL:

A third requested action is to circulate this Memo internally and request that your teams Opt In so that they can also benefit from our communiqués posted on the Groups.

Thank you for responding to this request.

Yours sincerely,

John Reid, CATA CEO

Ps Note that from the CATA Group, you can also Opt In in to moderated special interest groups, such as Shared Services Canada (1200 members) & SRED/Tax & Finance (860 members).