CATA WIT Forum Takes Innovation Nation message to Industry Canada Minister, the Honourable Jim Prentice
February 04, 2008


"Canada lags most OECD countries in the number of science and technical degrees per capita. Canada also has a projected IT skills shortage which threatens our competitiveness. One source of more IT skilled workers is immigration. But an existing underutilized human resource is Canada's women," says Accenture Partner and WIT Forum member, France Cyrenne, in regards to achieving the core planks of the Innovation Nation Campaign.

"Innovation agenda for Growth"

Ottawa, February 4, 2008 - Led by Accenture Partner, France Cyrenne, the CATA WIT Forum met last week with Industry Canada Minister, the Honourable Jim Prentice, as part of CATAAlliance consultations with key leaders to advance its Innovation Nation Platform, what will take us from fourteenth to first place in Innovation rankings.

CATA WIT Forum  tabled a three point plan, including:

  • Research and communicate a series of case studies that profile successful women in technology who will serve as role models and mentors.

  • Develop a national communications strategy and campaign directed at girls and young women that addresses the negative perceptions of working in technology jobs and companies

  • Create a benchmark report card that will provide an ongoing monitor of key performance indicators, and best practices of programs that are working in companies and organizations to encourage gender diversity.

++ Action Item:
CATA WIT Forum members can obtain a copy of the briefing note to the Minister by sending an email to Joanne Stanley, Managing Director, CATA WIT Forum at and are also invited to provide guidance on advocacy matters they wish advanced by the Forum.

About CATA WIT Forum ( WIT Forum is a division of the CATAAlliance, Canada's largest high-tech association. Together CATA WIT Forum and CATAAlliance reach out across Canada to connect individual members and companies under the CATA Innovation Nation umbrella.