Special ISP Insurance Package Being Developed for CAIP Members
February 01, 2006



A number of ISPs are experiencing problems obtaining appropriate IT insurance and are also paying extremely high premiums to do so.

CAIP is, therefore, undertaking to work with Jones Deslaurier Insurance Management Inc. to put together a unique insurance package for ISPs at competitive rates.

A first meeting with JDI on this initiative will take place next week.

Following that meeting, we would like to gather a small working group of ISPs to help CAIP determine their insurance needs.

Any CAIP ISP member who is interested in participating on the CAIP Insurance working group, please contact Joanne Stanley, Vice President, CAIP, jstanley@cata.ca

If you are not a CAIP member and would like to join to take advantage of this new insurance opportunity, please contact Cathi Malette, cmalette@cata.ca for a membership form.


Tom Copeland
Chair, CAIP

Joanne Stanley
Vice President, CAIP


CAIP, a Division of CATAAlliance: CAIP (Canadian Association of Internet Providers) represents internet service providers across Canada with a mandate of fostering the growth of a healthy and competitive Internet service industry in Canada through collective and cooperative action on Canadian and international issues of mutual interest.