Public Safety Perspectives Webinar– Steve Palmer of Canadian Police Research Centre Recording Now Available: Register for Next Session led by Dan Elliot, the Greater Toronto Airport Authority: a First Responder Buyers Group
January 30, 2012

February 1, 2012

Registration for Next Session (February 29th at 1PM EST) Featuring Dan Elliot of the Greater Toronto Airport Authority with discussion of a First Responder Buyers Group

Available for immediate download, this CATA exclusive webinar recording provides insight into plans for the February launch of the First Responder Technology Roadmap from featured speaker Steve Palmer, Executive Director of the Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC).

This unique session also includes interactive discussion surrounding other programs within the Centre for Security Science and evolving discourse on interoperability and 700 Megahertz for a public safety broadband network.

Listen as Steve Palmer and CATA co-host Kevin Wennekes discuss key issues addressing First Responder technology gaps and private sector opportunities to address them. Points of discussion include:
  • Common issues affecting over 3,500 responder organizations across Canada
  • Details on multi-million dollar procurement opportunities in a sector that spends $20 billion dollars annually
  • Insights into the CPRC call for proposal and past examples of winning projects
  • Progress in the development of a "Living Lab" and new CPRC Headquarters
  • LTE Testbed being developed in Ottawa
  • Industry-Responder collaboration opportunities
  • How to build relationships within the Responder Community
This recording will be important for any Responder or corporate executive looking to leverage CPRC's extensive knowledge of and networks among Canada's 9-1-1- community.

"Getting to know us, getting to work with us, and collaborating with us in the development of new technologies or adjusting technologies for the Canadian environment should be something which is on companies' radar screens," explains Mr. Palmer in the webinar.
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Download this exclusive CATA Webinar recording from the CATAAlliance Research Respository. As a Bonus Item, you will also receive the CPRC PowerPoint deck explaining the Technology Roadmap program.

Register for the next Webinar! Featuring Dan Elliott, Manager Radio & Wireless Telecom, for the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, who will be discussing the creation of a First Responder Buyers Group, and issues impacting on the adoption and use of information and communications technologies among Canadian airports.

Date/Time: February 29th at 1:00 PM EST.

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Fees: To access the recording or participate in the next webinar, there is no cost for CATA members, annual research subscribers, or currently enlisted First Responders. A $45 fee will otherwise be applied as a contribution to Competitive Innovation Nation research.
About the Public Safety Perspective Series
The Public Safety Perspective Series is a continuation of CATA's "Bridging the Gap" campaign linking Canada's First Responder and Public Safety communities with the national and international vendors who seek to serve them. These teleforums allow Canadian emergency and public safety leaders an opportunity to discuss the outcomes of increased industry / research/ responder collaboration, to improve the safety of responders and our communities and enable companies to get faster to market with products and services relevant to the response / public safety community.

Future speakers will include: Michael Doucet, CIO of the RCMP; Ernie MacGillivray, Strategic Initiatives at Province of New Brunswick and member of Senior Officials Responsible for Emergency Management; Lance Valcour, Executive Director of the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group; and many others soon to be announced.