The innovation challenge – and the misallocation of capital: BARRIE MCKENNA-Globe & Mail: CATA Comments
January 29, 2012

Stephen Harper’s Davos manifesto is the Throne Speech he never delivered at home.

Better late than never. Best to know what’s coming.

It’s now clear that innovation – or more precisely, the dearth of it – has rocketed to the top of the Harper government’s agenda.

The Prime Minister is not happy about the return the country is getting on the roughly $7-billion a year Ottawa pours into research and development.

“We believe that Canada’s less than optimal results for those investments is a significant problem for our country,” Mr. Harper said last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland…

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, which speaks for the high tech industry, has been making the case to Ottawa that Canada doesn’t have an innovation gap, but a commercialization gap. “Too often our businesses are not effectively growing their firms into international successes. Too often, the full rewards of our innovators are leveraged offshore,” CATA senior vice-president Russ Roberts lamented in a recent update to members.

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