Pakistan Market Study To Provide Canadian Businesses a Competitive Advantage
January 29, 2008

A survey being launched today by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) is the preliminary phase of a multi-stage study of the Pakastani market being conducted in collaboration with the University of Quebec.

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Please respond to this survey if you currently or soon plan to conduct business in or partner with companies located in Pakastan! Closing date is February 29, 2008! Click here to access survey:

The market study will result in the production of a comprehensive guide that will allow its users to determine, among other information, what the barriers to entry are, what the penetration rate of existing Hi-Tech business is, which market segments are under serviced, the kind of financing required in setting up a Hi-Tech business in Pakistan, and how CATA members can tap into some of this social and institutional funding available to them. "The survey will help us to identify some preliminary baseline data on how popular the Pakistan market currently is as a business destination for the Canadian hi-tech community," says CATA VP, Research, Kevin Wennekes. "We are hoping to further identify what products and services these firms are currently exporting, what some of their identified challenges are in working in these areas, and the volume of business taking place."

This study adds to a growing list of similarly successful Market Study reports including the EU , India, China and Latin America .

The online survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete and is available only until February 29, 2008. All those who participate will receive a complimentary copy of the report generated from their participation.