2015 Ontario Budget: What Matters to you most in the Health Care Sector? Contact dfarnes@cata.ca at CATAAlliance today
January 28, 2015

We’re looking for your input and ideas for the 2015 Ontario Budget in the area of mobility (digital) health care. Your ideas and guidance will be reviewed by the CATA Mobility Health Care Advisory Board, whose mandate is as follows:

The Mobile Health Advisory Board will bring together stakeholders who strongly believe that the greater adoption of mobile technology would significantly enhance the quality of health care services delivered to Canadian citizens as well as drive cost efficiencies throughout the healthcare system.

To get your started please review some of input and ideas we have received so far.

Suggested Areas of Action

Please consider that:

  • Ontario should set aside $xxx money for new care models including remote patient monitoring (home care) and patient self-management.

  • The Ministry of Health should develop a minimum on-line, interoperable electronic health record that consumers could access and modify.

  • Reimbursement models for healthcare professionals should be aligned to account for new outcomes-based models of care delivery that leverage the use of mobile technology to care for patients.

  • Funding models for healthcare institutions should be aligned with new data and clinical work flows, and staffing requirements, that stem from patient-centered care models.

  • mHealth solutions should be included in the nomenclature of reimbursable health care activities; incentives should be created to encourage the use of MHealth solutions (could reference NHS England).

  • Healthcare innovation funding should be reallocated to accommodate large-scale trials of new solutions which may clinically, technically and procedurally validate the value of mHealth solutions and bring them into practice.

  • Ontario should have a mobile first mindset in looking for solutions.

++ Action Items: Thoughts on the above? Additional ideas? Please contact Health Care, Lead,  David Farnes at dfarnes@cata.ca today.