Watch Video Interview with Valarie Findlay, Cyber Security Strategist - Topics Include Cyber Terrorism, Sony Hack, Pending Cyber Security Research
January 28, 2015

Watch Video Interview with Valarie Findlay, President & Chief Analyst, HumanLed
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Tune into the latest CATAAlliance TechNOW executive interview between Kevin Wennekes, Chief Business Officer for the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, and Valarie Findlay, government security consultant and post-graduate in the Terrorism Studies Program, Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, University of St. Andrew's, in a brief 15-minute interview covering topics ranging from cyber terrorism to pending research in areas of private-public sector communication practices and the Sony hack.

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Request Your Complimentary Report

Act now to obtain a complimentary copy of Ms. Findlay's preliminary study: Cyber-Threats, Terrorism and the Counter-Terror Model.
Contact Kevin Wennekes at requesting a copy.

Interview Candidates Being Sought

We are seeking out Interview candidates for the study that meet the following criteria:

  1. Employed in a role that includes responsibilities for cyber security
  2. Open to public (all levels of government), private product/service providers, academic, and non-profit organizations to participate
  3. In executive, senior management, knowledge/operational (level I to III), and professorial roles

Advance copy of the questions will be made available to all qualified participants prior to the interview. Contact Valarie Findlay today at to arrange your interview.

Order Related Research

Related research reports authored by Valarie Findlay are now available for purchase (free for members and paid subscribers) through our Research Repository:

  • Security and Privacy Issues of Web 3.0
  • What's It Worth to You? Determining the True Cost and Value of Information
  • Assessment of Canada's Critical Infrastructure Protection Strategy. This essay describes Canada's national critical infrastructure protection strategy, related legislation, and its criticisms

These studies are available using this link:

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