CATA’s National Public Alerting Summit Calls on Technology Thought Leaders to Save Lives and Protect Property: Register today
January 26, 2015

++ Action Item: With the growing threat of natural and man-made disasters, it is critical that Canada maintain modern reliable systems to the alert the public of pending danger in order to save lives and protect property. If you have a technology, service and/or public policy guidance that will help develop National Public Alerting, please review CATA's National Public Alerting Summit program and register today to advance the agenda.

New Updates: Unified Messaging Service Added as a Silver Sponsor, new Speakers added to Summit program for thought leadership, peer networking and market insights

Morten Gustavsen, Vice President, Unified Messaging Systems AS and Ken Macdonald, Executive Director, National Programs and Business Development, Meteorological Service of Canada are the latest thought leaders to join the program.

UMS is a global provider of notification and warning systems to public and private sector. Mr. Gustavsen will provide examples of national emergency alerting programs from around the world and he will discuss modern alternatives to Cell Broadcast and complimentary approaches. What could/should be deployed in Canada within 12 months?

Environment Canada is a heavy user of Canada's public alerting system. Mr. Macdonald will explain why public alerting is important to the safety of Canadians and the security of our communities. Why is it important to have a warning system in place to warn Canadians of extreme weather conditions?

Please join us in Edmonton on February 17 & 18 as over 100 experts convene to discuss the latest developments in emergency alerting and voice their opinions to help build a roadmap for the future of public alerting in Canada. For more information and to register:

The CATAAlliance National Public Alerting Summit is generously supported by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency, Bruce Power, FutureShield, TELUS and Unified Messaging Systems.

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