CATA, State of Israel Seek Channel Alliance Champion
January 26, 2006

Dear CATAAlliance Members,

One of the world's strongest technology nations per capita is Israel, which is second only to Canada in measures like the number of IPO's on NASDAQ. In order to strengthen the international products and services of Canadian companies, we are working hard to establish a new trade alliance with the state of Israel.

This follows similar CATA successes with international partners including the Commonwealth and China.

CATA is looking for a Sponsoring Partner to provide the funding to help us work on three fronts:

1. Canada/Israel Web Channel

This permanent web presence will discuss business opportunities in Israel, and how Canada can get involved.

It will feature press releases, Email announcements, and an infrastructure for individuals interested in speaking with Israeli counterparts.

2. Business to Business Development Database

We will be creating a business profile service, outlining the key players in Israel for Canadian entities interested in conveniently learning more about potential partners and customers based in Israel.

A Canadian counterpart will also be developed for Israeli companies to do the same.

3. Missions to Israel and Canada

Interested parties will be given the opportunity to participate in discounted missions to Israel. Eventually, the reverse will be made possible for Israeli companies interested in visiting Canada.

While CATAAlliance is committing resources to make this relationship possible, we will need further sponsorship to make it happen.

We are going to be offering the interested parties a full year of exposure through our web presence, press releases, and email broadcasts - all of which are targeted to our 22,000 members.

Furthermore, this endeavor has already been formally endorsed by the Israeli government, and pending Canadian elections, a Canadian endorsement should prove possible as well.

In our opinion, this is one of the most prestigious opportunities we have to offer, as it will benefit our respective countries and the company image of our sponsors as well.

Interested parties should contact Mr. Barry Gander, Executive VP of CATAAlliance to learn more at or 613-220-1368.

Mr. John Reid,