Canadian Innovation Thought Leader joins the Innovation Leadership Council (ILC): Mehrdad Hariri, founder and CEO of the Canadian Science Policy Centre
January 22, 2016

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Ottawa, On... CATAAlliance (, a recognized champion of Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship, today announced that Mehrdad Hariri, founder and CEO of the Canadian Science Policy Centre has joined the CATA Innovation Leadership Council (ILC).

The ILC serves as an advisory body, providing guidance on the implementation of the CATAAlliance mandate to support the global competitiveness of its members and the advancement of Canada as a competitive Innovation Nation, in addition to offering a community peer network to assess share insights into needs, trends and achievements.

CATA CEO John Reid said “Mr. Hariri brings a wealth of public policy experience and insights from dealing face-to-face with hundreds of companies, institutions and agencies across Canada.  He is also known for his great passion for being involved in community works and whatever is relevant to making a better life for others.  Mehrdad’s community engagement fully aligns with CATA’s CATA’s mission, mandate and core policy planks.”

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According to Mr. Hariri “ I am fully behind the CATA goal of cultivating Canada’s considerable strengths and eliminating every barrier to inhibiting their full contribution to competitiveness.”

He added, “Canada needs to build capacity by introducing and fostering initiatives to train the next wave of leaders in science, technology, and innovation policy. That is key to improving our innovation rankings.” Reid concluded, “In today's world, effective innovation does not happen through accident - it is achieved by thought leadership, careful design and stellar execution of a plan. Mr. Hariri is a great advisor on best ways forward for Canadian innovation leadership.”

Mehrdad Hariri,  founder and CEO, Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC)

Mehrdad Hariri is the founder and CEO of the Canadian Science Policy Centre, a not-profit virtual HUB for science technology and innovation policy in Canada.

He founded the national annual Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC), a national multidisciplinary forum dedicated to the Canadian Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy discussions, engaging hundreds of organizations from various sectors and across the country to discuss the most pressing issues in Canadian Science and Innovation Policy. Mehrdad Hariri has numerous publications and opinion pieces in various media outlets, and regularly appears in media as a commentator on science policy issues.

He studied in the fields of Veterinary Medicine, Cell Biology and Functional Genomes, in Tehran, Montréal, and Toronto universities, and performed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health.

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