Commonwealth Healthcare Event Opens Door to Fastest-growing Economies, Export Growth
January 22, 2007

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Ottawa, January 22, 2007 -- Access to a world-first online event that features business deal-making in a healthcare sector valued at some $40-trillion is now available for Canadian firms, according to organizers of the CommonPulse global webinar.

The Honourable Sinclair Stevens, President of the Commonwealth Advantage, stated that "In this century our greatest growth opportunity among the largest trading blocks comes from the Commonwealth, which is second only to NAFTA in size, and which exceeds NAFTA in growth potential. The Commonwealth has the top twelve of the world's fastest-growing economies, and for the younger generation of entrepreneurs in these countries, the Commonwealth is the highway to growth."

Economically, the combined GNP of the 53 Countries within the Commonwealth is second only to the U.S.A., and they are growing economically much faster than the U.S.A.

The Commonwealth's two billion people make up almost one-third of the world's population, and is expected to add another half billion people to its ranks by 2050.

Canada is uniquely positioned to be a key player in Commonwealth growth this century and to act as a gateway for the Commonwealth to the entire North American free trade market.

In this context health care is a common challenge, whether citizens are in India, Canada, Pakistan or one of the other 50 Commonwealth countries.

Health Care costs are rising and sales cycles in health care products and services are getting longer. To counter this The Commonwealth Advantage is launching a unique living webinar to help identify and commercialize simple solutions to quickly lower costs, improve quality and efficiencies in the health care delivery system.

This "Common Pulse" webinar will inaugurate an inventory of "best practices" in health care across the Commonwealth. The inaugural session will commence at the Centre for Global e Health Innovation, Toronto General Hospital (University Health Network) at 4:00 P.M. on Tuesday, February 6th, 2007. Hours later similar centres will join the "Common Pulse" in Delhi India, and Karachi Pakistan, with participation from colleagues around the Commonwealth.

"Collaboration and Innovation should become the life-blood of the health care industry throughout the Commonwealth and the world," said Mr. Stevens. "We hope to contribute to that objective."

Cost-Effective Participation: Networking Directory and Profile Promote 'Velcro Marketing"

The Canadian Red Cross is is participating in the CommonPulse event to gain more profile for its exemplary work around the world.

Medshare, a Canadian-based provider of home healthcare software services, is a sponsor of the event: "We see CommonPulse as opening a door for us into some huge new markets," said J. Paul Haynes, CEO of Medshare. "We have the industry's most advanced software for managing healthcare delivery in the home setting which is one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare due to the aging population. CommonPulse offers us a collaborative platform to dramatically speed up access to new customers and business partners."

Mick Majid, President of Cyglera, added "Cyglera provides one of the most critical tools of all -- an online environment that promotes community consensus and yet offers privacy for one-on-one deal-making. We are proud to provide the software engine for the CommonPulse event."

Health Connexions is a company dedicated to building partnerships and improving health care through innovation program solutions. President Dawn Van Dam stated "We provide the 'success link' for business relationships. We see the CommonPulse event as an innovative way to extend our expertise around the globe by highlighting a first-of-its kind patient compliance program, as well as a physician practice audit tool."

New way to get noticed, meet prospects

"Gaining adequate attention for leading-edge healthcare products and services is getting harder," said Mr. Stevens. "Whether you are interested in raising your profile with community leaders, public sector policy makers, or private sector partners and prospects, making interactive conversations happen is daunting in an age of message overload. The global webinar idea makes it easy for ongoing relationships to be triggered, explored and expanded."

Canadian companies are being offered a cost-effective way to participate. The Commonpulse event has two ways for companies to gain global attention: a Network Directory, and a Showcase. The Directory is based on a well-proven "Export Profile", or E-Profile, which is a database of a company's capabilities, strengths, and revenue expansion goals. The E-Profile is a matchmaking tools, presenting an organization's capabilities and interests to prospective customers, collaborators and suppliers. Examples of matchmaking can be found in "58 Companies Get Partnership Opportunities with 3M Corp." With the E-Profile, companies will receive a Business Opportunity Alert (e.g., Procter and Gamble) and then complete a capabilities listing, called E-Profile, qualifying them for review by the customer, collaborator or supplier.

Both the Directory and the E-Profile can be obtained for a single price of $450 admin and listing fee. Please contact Muriel Debroy, CATA, at 613-236-6550, or fill out the E-Profile at:

For further information please see the web site, and contact:
Barry Gander
EVP Commonwealth Advantage & CATA

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