Three Decades of SR&ED: Can we afford not to do better?
January 21, 2016

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The above is the title of CATA’s VP of Advocacy, Dr. Russ Roberts, briefing note that concludes with this summary:

Is it not time to revisit SR&ED to identify what it is contributing to business innovation

and growth, and what the root causes of inefficiencies are; and to free up funding to

support new incentives more specifically focused on businesses wanting to grow

through innovation?  Can we afford not to find out what can be improved instead of

simply continuing to support the status quo?

Supporting this advocacy are two recent video interviews with Dr. Roberts:

(SR&ED Tax Credits & Education) (SR&ED Dispute Resolution & Second Opinion)

Members interested in reviewing the briefing note and engaging with us to advance important innovation advocacy should contact CATA CEO John Reid, at with Innovation Leadership in the subject line.


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