Celestica Seeks Supply Chain Technology and Services Collaborations: Respond today
January 20, 2010

January 21 2010

Celestica Seeks Supply Chain Technology and Services Collaborations

  • Collaboration opportunities with Celestica
  • For Canadian Advanced technology enterprises, academia and government
  • Targeting technologies and services aligned with Celestica's Focus List and requirements
  • Are some ways of motivating my inside sales force?
  • Respond by: March 15th, 2010

Contact: CATAAlliance
Phone: (613) 236-6550
Email: cmalette@cata.ca

Call to Action:
Confirm your interest in Doing Business with Celestica by email to cmalette@cata.ca
OTTAWA... Celestica wishes to identify innovative organizations developing technologies, services and capabilities which are a strategic match with its emerging Centre of Excellence strategy. The Centre of Excellence strategy is being driven out of Celestica's Toronto location and is focused on scaling and sustaining innovation in electronics.

Company Background:
With US$7.7 billion revenue in 2008, Toronto-based Celestica is dedicated to delivering innovative supply chain solutions that drive its customers' success. Celestica operates a highly sophisticated global manufacturing network with operations in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and provides supply chain solutions from design to after-market services to leading OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

Celestica's competitive differentiators include its:
  • Talented team that is passionate about its customers' success
  • Customized, integrated supply chain
  • Optimized global network
  • Focus on operational excellence and quality
  • Proven innovation and technology leadership
For further information on Celestica Inc., visit its website at www.celestica.com. The Company's security filings can also be accessed at www.sedar.com and www.sec.gov.

Focus List:
At our Toronto site we are moving our focus from commoditized manufacturing to establishing a world-wide Centre of Excellence for the commercialization and brand delivery support of electronics products. The Centre of Excellence will support innovative technologies in the green tech, aerospace and defense, industrial, healthcare, and service provider markets. We call this strategy Celestica 2.0.

More significantly, we want to work in partnership with other players in the sector to establish this Centre of Excellence where research and development into the next generation of advanced electronics products and processes can be developed; where smaller Canadian companies can collaborate with Celestica to bring their concepts to reality; where established technology companies can work with Celestica and other partners to improve their products and processes; and where the electronics leaders of tomorrow can learn their skills in a practical, real world environment.

Celestica is specifically seeking to partner and/or collaborate with companies with the following characteristics:
  • reasonably complex electronics hardware in their product
  • global, complex supply chains associated with these products (a variety of parts from around the world going into products around the world)
  • realistic aspirations to sell their product in reasonably high volume in multiple regions
  • some third party validation of their underlying business plan for their company/product (as we are generally not in a position to be subject matter experts on the particular IP/market area)
  • product/market focus in communications, computing, aerospace, defense, green-tech, health-care, and industrial sectors
Further considerations would include: time to market as the product needs to be launched at scale in the next 12 months; and, that the customer does not view the hardware product introduction/supply chain process to be their core competency thus is willing to partner with Celestica to do so.

Qualification of Interest:
  • Review Celestica's Focus List (see above, check list) and determine your organization's area of interest.
  • Ensure that your organization has relevant published scientific papers, presentations and/or patents that can be reviewed by the Celestica evaluation team.
  • Contact CATAAlliance with your expression of interest, providing key contact and background information. Your organization will then be provided with a simple one page template for completion.
  • All expressions of interest must be submitted by March 15th, 2010, 17:00 EST by email to Cathi Malette at cmalette@cata.ca
  • Please note there is a nominal processing fee: Members pay $25.00 and non members $95.00(plus gst)for processing with proceeds going to CATA Innovation National programs. The fee can be paid by calling with credit card to Cathi Malette 613-222-6465.
Next Steps:
  • Celestica is excited about forming its Centre of Excellence and looks forward to meeting with innovative companies that share its vision.
  • Celestica will review information from selected candidates to determine which areas are of specific interest for future follow-up.
CATAAlliance works with the NRC, International Trade Canada, the Consulates General of Canada and local community partners to share this technology partnering opportunity with appropriate contacts in Canada, including CATAAlliance members.

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