Important Security Related Updates: Open Letter from CATA VP, Kevin Wennekes
January 20, 2010

Happy New Year all – and it looks like the government is starting to demonstrate New Year’s resolutions that don’t include finding ways to enjoy more quality family time! ;)
I’m referring of course to the two important news stories released today relating to the government’s future direction on the Advanced Security Front.
See this article for information on the Cabinet shuffle, noting Mr. Van Loan is making way for incoming Vic Toews. CATA is preparing a welcome letter as I speak. Also note a story by John Ivison a little earlier today regarding the government’s plans for sweeping security review, now presumably to be lead by Mr. Toews…
As you know, CATA has been actively involved in the advanced security sector for some time now and are obviously pleased to see the government taking what appears to be some proactive measures to address current shortcomings.
CATA has recently advocated in an open letter for the need for a cyber security leader in Canada, and CATA’s CEO John Reid has recently released this short video reinforcing CATA’s commitments to this sector.
He speaks particularly of a few initiatives that should be of interest to you. We have received partial funding for a few of these through provincial and federal government partners, but there are expectations by the government that we seek the creation of a Triple P model with our private sector partners.
I’ve attached a one-page overview relating to our revisit of the 2003 Advanced Security Database Profile (email me if you’d like a complimentary copy of the report generated from this study). We have received financial support from the Quebec government and just in the process of finalizing a Federal partner, but will require private interest to help fill the funding gap. As always, very strong branding and thought leadership opportunities are available for our partners, and I would ask you to contact me immediately to discuss how to get you involved in this high-profile undertaking.
We’ll also of course require Canadian companies to participate in the profile process when it is launched and I will be back in touch with you on details regarding your anticipated participation in this study.
I’m also more than happy to speak with any of you individually regarding our other upcoming security-related initiatives planned for this year, including:
·         A Technology Roadmap for First Responders
·         Release of a CATA study looking at technology use by Chinese First Responders – and a profile of the industry that supplies them
·         A Tri-services Technology Capability Assessment – a national analysis of the technology capabilities of Canada’s First Responders
·         The Third Annual First Responder Vendor Outreach Forum – taking place this September in Halifax
·         Canadian Pavilion at the Security China 2010 Expo – once again inviting a delegation of First Responders to join Canadian technology providers in China
And these are just the start: I’m in discussions on conducting a number of other security-related projects that could result in some very important developments for issues relating to interoperability, lawful access, cyber-security, airport and border safety, etc. and will share these details as they become better developed.
Finally, I welcome you to contact me directly with your ideas for other security-related actions we should be engaging in. We’re also started a CATA Poll program: our poll under current development will relate to security in Canada – so please do send me your ideas of a question you think needs to be asked of Canadian industry, government and consumers. I’d be remiss in not mentioning that the poll program also offers sponsorship opportunities - it’s never been more affordable to have your logo exclusively placed on the CATA home page while also promoting the issues important to your firm. Call me to discuss.
That’s it for now – look forward to working with you all in 2010 – and hopefully hearing from you regarding your involvement in these critical initiatives.
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