Global Best-Practice Software Company Joins Growing List of Quality Firms in Export-Driving Program
January 19, 2007

Ottawa, January 19, 2007 -- A global software solution firm with an ultra-high level of quality has become the sole Information and Computer Technology Agent for the Commonwealth Advantage program, a foundation to promote Canadian business and strengthen trade ties within the Commonwealth.

Aithent Inc., a CMM Level-5 premier global software services and consulting firm, is now the sole international "firm of record" for providing ICT services, entitled to use the term "Commonwealth Advantage Advisor".

The Commonwealth Advantage, headed by former Industry Minister Sinclair Stevens, seeks out immediate and long-term strategic trade alliance opportunities for Commonwealth businesses, emphasizing the high-tech industry sectors. "This is a perfect alliance," said Mr. Stevens. "The Commonwealth is the world's oldest and largest geo-political community. It contains a third of the world's population and the top dozen fastest-growing economies. 53 nations with a combined GDP of more than $10-trillion -- equal in size to the U.S. -- are united in one block. We are delighted that one of the globe's most qualified ICT companies has decided to join us, and help make the export connections happen."

"We at Aithent are excited to be recognised by the Commonwealth Advantage. An exemplar of the Global IT industry we are invested in the Commonwealth Advantage. We have expanded into Canada for that reason and service both the Canadian market and also the US marketplace through our near shore practices bringing value to the Commonwealth in the process," said Aithent Canada President Nabarun Chaudhuri. "The specific business opportunities for Aithent arise from the Commonwealth Advantage's methodology of arranging Business-to-Business matchmaking and partnerships. The Commonwealth Advantage provides a one-stop business brokerage service both for global companies that are trading within the Commonwealth, and for Commonwealth companies looking for business opportunities in the NAFTA block and other regional trade groups."

"Aithent is an excellent fit for the Commonwealth Advantage program. An organization focused on quality, Aithent has very quickly built a strong reputation for quality and innovation in the Canadian market helping its clients, some our largest financial institutions, with critical software solutions - in fact Aithent was recognised when the Royal Bank of Canada received the CIPA Silver award for the development of RBC Action Direct Online Investing Site. I attended the event where RBC Financial Group was awarded the 2005 CIPA Silver Award of Excellence in the Customer Care, For Profit category. Aithent's eGovernance capability in the world's largest market, Healthcare expertise and fraud-related innovations also made it meaningful for us to collaborate," added Mr. Stevens. "Its international presence in many Commonwealth countries is an ideal underpinning for business arrangements that take place in the Commonwealth -- the organization that we call the world's "first global domestic economy". "By that, we mean that the customs, governmental, accounting, legal, political and common-language systems used by Commonwealth countries are similar enough to consider Commonwealth nations as more like a single economy, rather than a group of economies foreign to each other."

Aithent is the host for the Delhi portion of the launch of the world's first global webinar, an internet-based meeting of experts devoted to healthcare. The "CommonPulse" event is taking place February 6th and 7th; for more information see:

In addition to ICT Technology, the Commonwealth Advantage program overcomes business hurdles in areas such as Deal-making, Legal Services, Government Liaison, Accounting, and Marketing and Communications.

Top Quality

Aithent's Level 5 certification comes from one of the most extensive and influential software process improvement and assessment frameworks: the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for software developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University. Its Level 5 certification has been earned by only an elite group of companies. "Tangible benefits for the customer from our Level 5 certification include low project risk, on time on budget deliveries, minimal defect rate, high process visibility and enhanced customer satisfaction," said Mr. Chaudhuri. Aithent achieved its Level 5 certification in record time -- less than a year.

Mr. Chaudhuri noted that Aithent will help Canadian businesses achieve competitive performance by providing them with exemplary software solutions. Aithent is a prime partner in the Commonwealth Advantage's new global webinar. A first-ever event, "CommonPulse" will connect Toronto, Delhi and Karachi in a live meeting of experts, designed to create an inventory of best practices in global healthcare. For more information see:

Integral For Successful Global Business Strategy

The Commonwealth Advantage is designed to be a middle ground where private and public sector organizations are linked and coordinated, leading to synergistic growth for all economies. "The Commonwealth Advantage will serve as a conduit to deliver the services and benefits of national and international trade associations, government agencies, foundations, incubation centres, financial agencies and diplomatic missions," explained Mr. Stevens. "It will deliver one of the most important advantages for business competition -- the chance to build partnerships that expand your reach."

"When Canadian companies -- especially in the high tech and service sectors -- raise their sites a bit, they find that they can significantly increase their business by focusing attention on the Commonwealth opportunities. Surprisingly, today's overwhelming reliance on trade with the U.S. is a relatively recent phenomenon. Until the 1950's, we had almost half of our exports going to the Commonwealth countries, but we were mostly trading resources. Our relatively new trade with the U.S. comes from exports of high-end products and services. We global leaders in all the high tech sectors, and we should be able to exploit our leadership to explode across the Commonwealth."

For further information please contact:
Barry Gander
Executive Director, Canadian Commonwealth Advantage 220-1368

About the Commonwealth Advantage
The Commonwealth Advantage was founded in Canada as a private-sector, member-based association that seeks to lever ties within the Commonwealth to build practical business advantages for businesses. The Canadian chapter of the organization, the Canadian Commonwealth Advantage, is a non-profit organization sponsored by the Royal Commonwealth Society of Toronto Foundation and the Toronto Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society. The Canadian Commonwealth Advantage provides a unique ability to bridge barriers to international trade and promote successful global business strategies. It works in partnership in Canada with the country's largest high-tech business organization, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, and the Canadian Innovation Centre, which provides case-by-case strategies for business growth.Please visit:

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