Leadership for the 21st Century: Cisco Canada President, Nitin Kawale: Innovation & Mentorship
January 18, 2013

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Cisco Canada President, Nitin Kawale: Innovation & Mentorship


Please take seven minutes to view the first part of a video of Cisco Canada, President, Nitin Kawale, who was interviewed recently by Hart Hillman, CATAAlliance (www.cata.ca) National Leadership Council member, on the importance of innovation and mentorship to creating Canada's competitive innovation nation.

In responding to how innovation can be fostered in Canada, Mr. Kawale links innovation with productivity and raising Canada's standard of living. He points to the nation's potential and how adopting a collaborative framework is one of the keys to realizing that potential.

In citing the vision and values of Cisco CEO, John Chambers, Mr. Kawale stresses that leaders of the future will be collaborative leaders.


In part two of his interview, Cisco Canada's President offers career advise to new graduates who should design their careers based on a thorough understanding of future growth opportunities and demographics.

He then speaks to the potential of SME's that can now, more than ever before, adopt affordable technologies, to drive productivity and global success. 

With regard to mentorship, it is a crucial success driver for realizing the potential of employees and the companies they work for. 

Mr. Kawale concludes with comments on the importance of social give back. He cites the role and benefits of the Cisco Civics Counsel; the power of the human network in energizing employees and communities.

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