Microsoft Canada President, Max Long Speaks Out: Innovation & Mentorship
January 10, 2013

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Microsoft Canada President, Max Long Speaks Out: Innovation & Mentorship

Please take twelve minutes to view the video of Microsoft Canada, President, Max Long, who was interviewed recently by Hart Hillman, CATA National Leadership Council member, on the importance of innovation and mentorship to creating Canada's competitive innovation nation.

You can view at:  

Against the background of the nation's slipping competitiveness rankings, Mr. Long comments on Canada's positive attributes and then provides insights into how Microsoft looks at innovation to meet the needs of the future 

Mr. Long is then asked best advice to foster the success of students and start up entrepreneurs. 

For students, we hear about the importance of global mindset and setting big and bold aspirations. For entrepreneurs, great ideas can only materialize with great business plans. 

He offers insight into the role of a mentor for our "stars of the future" and the role of a mentee benefiting from the experiences of others. For Microsoft, mentorship is part of its corporate culture. 

Mr. Long concludes with comments on social responsibility of the corporation and its employees; the importance of giving back to the community.