Atlantic Canada Could Set the Pace for Technology Investment -- High Tech Association: Region Can Combine Powerful New Digital Tools Like “Crowd Funding” With Investment Ecosystem
January 17, 2012

January 17, 2012

Contact: Emily Boucher, Media Adviser at or  613-236-6550   


Ottawa, ON ...CATAAlliance -- The Social Media investment paradigm that is now extending to the funding of start-up companies could act like “financing on steroids” in the investment ecosystem of Atlantic Canada, says the Atlantic Chair of i-CANADA, a national movement to create “smart communities” across the country. I-CANADA is backed by the country’s largest high-tech association, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA).

According to Gary Stairs, President of Fredericton-based Stellar-RHL and Chair of i-ATLANTIC, “New Brunswick and its sister provinces have developed models of collaboration between experienced investors, young entrepreneurs, universities, and government.  Today’s new capital formation pathways that allow businesses to be crowd funded can really catch fire in this ecosystem.”

Crowd Funding makes it easier for business to obtain investment by selling stock to small investors. A new Bill is currently in the U.S. Senate to exempt crowd funding from State regulation of securities offerings. CATA has launched an advocacy Campaign to encourage Canadian legislators to adopt approaches similar to the U.S. approach.

The reason this could thrive in Atlantic Canada is that “we have been building a collaborative ‘Silicon Valley’ ecosystem,” stated Mr. Stairs. “In New Brunswick alone, our digital foundation companies have created 50 new millionaires in the past year.   These new investors can lay the groundwork for the growth of new enterprises.”

Mr. Stairs has been setting a personal example in leading the investment-fed growth drive.  “We have a new entity, Stellar RHL Inc., that is is currently being created by bringing together the expertise of technology innovator Red Hot Learning Inc. (RHL) and Stellar Learning Strategies (SLS). These companies will be combined to improve organizational and individual performance through the strategic use of innovative media, mobile learning, and location-based learning environments.


“Stellar RHL’s clients will be internationally-focused enterprises, some of which are leading global brands, whose activities, employees, and clientele are continuously connected to the web through personal computers, tablets, and smart phones. In 2012, Stellar RHL will serve more than 450,000 learners in 19 languages, including the 120,000 troops who work for the UN Department of Peace-keeping Operations.

“We bring life to learning and learning to life. Stellar RHL will be focused on eLearning, with infinite prospects for enterprise mobility. “We Do Work That Matters.” Our commitment is for Stellar RHL to generate a minimum of $4.6 million in revenue in New Brunswick during the next 4 years.

“We embrace the newest tools of investment, such as crowd funding, to help our Atlantic businesses grow.  This new avenue for capital, plus our growth ecosystem, could make investments in startup ventures gain speed. Thousands of new jobs will be created in the process.”