Join us for a private lunch with leaders in Airport Security
January 17, 2006

Airport security has been identified as one of the essential tools to combat terrorism and increase national security. One of the world's foremost experts on airport security will be in Ottawa, and we are pleased to invite you to join a dozen of your industry colleagues at a private lunch, to discuss the world situation and exchange views on industry trends.

Co-Chairman of the American Airport Security Task Force at the U.S. Homeland Security Industries Association, Rafi Sela is President of AR Challenges Inc. in America and AR Challenges Ltd. in Israel. Mr. Sela has extensive experience to share with us:

  • Management and technical experience working in Israel, Western Europe, USA, CANADA, South Africa and Australia.
  • Management work with a variety of organizations from Start-Up to Multi-National corporations in Manufacturing, operations, Marketing and Business Development and Venture Capital.
  • Development and Sale of computerized image processing for the use of the FBI, Secret Service, the US Navy, FAA, US Customs, the US and Canadian Coast Guard and the DEA.
  • Expertise in Homeland Security, Bio-Medical Equipment and Drugs, Predictive Computerized Maintenance, RF & Wireless Communications, Industrial Process Control Systems, Computer Software and Hardware, Communication, Image Processing, Smart-Cards, Printing and Logistic Database Management.
  • Service in the Israeli Defence Forces for 18 years as a senior ordnance officer. Was involved in the design and manufacture of the Merkava tank and other unique tools and equipment for the special operation forces.
  • President of the ILHSIA - Israeli Homeland Security Industries Association.

During the private lunch (by confirmed invitation only) you will be able to speak frankly with Mr. Sela and your colleagues about the future of airport security, global trends in collaboration, and new technologies. Briefings will also involve executives from CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority).

The lunch is being sponsored by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) and Mr. Jacques Lyrette, CEO of ADGA Group and CATAAlliance Vice Chair.

Place: Rideau Club, 99 Bank Street, 15th Floor
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2006

RSVP: Muriel Debroy, (613) 236-6550, please confirm your CATA membership status.

Ps Also note details of the Canadian Airport Security Conference: