Important SR&ED Advisory: Thoughts and questions to ask when looking for a service provider
January 15, 2014

With the issuance of the CRA's new consolidated SR&ED policy and the increased emphasis on how a company documents its SR&ED projects and how an SR&ED project is conducted, many members are developing new and refined services and products to assist executives in meeting these challenges. 

Adjusting to the realities of the CRA is critical for innovation financing to be predictably associated with the SR&ED tax credits.  Problems are being reported by those who do not. 

Our team has discussed how best to help the community evaluate those who are developing services and products aimed at responding to the CRA's new expectations. 

We are suggesting to our members that service providers should be committed to providing potential clients with clear information on: 

 the range of services and specialties they provide, and why/how they respond to CRA's new focus in contrast to what was happening in the past;

 their success rate in recent years' SR&ED filings from the point of view of percent of claims accepted as filed for CCPCs and others, and success rates for claims under review specific to the type of claim your company may wish to file; and 

 their familiarity with the practices related to the eligibility and documentation requirements of the CRA's SR&ED reviewers in the office where your claim will be reviewed specific to the type of claim you anticipate. 

Please provide us with any thoughts on these suggestions that could improve the criteria. 

Russ Roberts 

Senior Vice President, Tax, Finance and Advocacy 

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