Enactus uOttawa and CATAAlliance team up for Social Enterprise, a Core Plank for Canada’s competitive innovation nation
January 24, 2016

socialenterprise2.jpgCompetitive Innovation Nation

Ottawa...CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group, and Enactus uOttawa, a not for profit, social enterprise Group have joined forces to accelerate social enterprise creation in Canada, as part of the Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign.

According to Corey Ellis, President, Enactus uOttawa and member, CATA Innovation Leadership Council, “Notwithstanding the growth of social enterprise in Canada, the sector lacks a coherent framework and fully supportive legal, regulatory and financial environment for realizing its full potential for job creation, social and economic growth and social good.”

He added, “In many cases lack of access to support services is real for social enterprises, but often all that is needed is improved clarity from providers and more flexible program access to service offerings to become available to social enterprises.”

View our 2 minute TechNOW interview with Mr. Ellis: https://vimeo.com/catanettv/socialenterprises

CATA CEO John Reid concluded, “We are dealing with a new business model, a business model that provides important social solutions to community needs, including employment for targeted groups, services for families and children, arts and culture, addressing environmental issues, and sustainability for the non-profit sector”.


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