New Cyber Security Research into Private-Public Sector Communication Practices - Join Video Webcast with Valarie Findlay, President, HumanLed
January 13, 2015

Join Kevin Wennekes, Chief Business Officer for the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, as he interviews Valarie Findlay, government security consultant and post-graduate in the Terrorism Studies Program, Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, University of St. Andrew's, in a discussion on plans for their Communicating the Threat research study being launched this month.

This study, described in greater detail below, is based on and substantiated by data gathered and presented in the Preliminary Study, Cyber-Threats, Terrorism and the Counter-Terror Model, by Valarie Findlay.

Ms. Findlay is President of HumanLed, Inc. and has managed and participated in the transformation of mission critical systems, developed cyber-security strategies and frameworks to meet data, resource and system requirements, revitalized threat and risk assessment approaches, and identified capabilities and methodologies to deliver countermeasures aligned with departmental security strategies for policing, military and government departments.

Action Items

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Order Related Research
Three other related research reports authored by Valarie Findlay are now available for purchase (free for members and paid subscribers) through our Research Repository:

  • Validating the "Militarization" of Law Enforcement and Identifying Its Influencing Factors (January 2014); preliminary study with dissertation study to follow
  • What's It Worth to You? Determining the True Cost and Value of Information
  • Assessment of Canada's Critical Infrastructure Protection Strategy. This essay describes Canada's national critical infrastructure protection strategy, related legislation, and its criticisms

These studies are available using this link:

Study Details

The detailed study, Communicating the Threat, has a three-fold focus:

  • Cyber-Security in the Counter-Terror Model - Counter-terror models focus on physical threat-activities and encourage cross-departmental collaboration, communication and shared, exchangeable skills and capabilities including the transfer of information and Intelligence from the federal to the community level. The discipline of cyber-security will be analyzed and evaluated in the same framework utilized in counter-terror models, conceptualized in legislation and at the operational and practical levels to deter, actively prevent, detect, respond and recover from cyber-threats and potential cyber-terrorist attacks.
  • Cyber-Security Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Cross-Sector - This area will assess current practices in information gathering and sharing, and its utilization, on cyber-security threats in the Canadian public sector, crown corporations and major private sector stakeholders.
  • Developing a New Threat/Risk Assessment (TRA) Tool - Examining new Threat/Risk Assessment options and approaches that will provide a dynamic, detailed analysis of threats, risks, vulnerabilities and assets and continuous improvement/shorter iteration cycles to ensure the most relevant and timely data.

Through one-on-one interviews with key executives and stakeholders in the Canadian public sector, crown corporation or private sectors where national assets would be impacted, the study will seek input (in the context of the above focus areas) by examining: 1)the current overall practices in information sharing and gathering; 2)types and scope of information exchanged; and 3)limitations or gaps in the above and suggested improvements.

Using the results of the detailed study, a final report that describes a feasible practice and business model and its implementation in private and public sector will be produced in collaboration with interested organizations.

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