CATAAlliance Announces Call for Nominations for the Wilfrid Laurier Award for Public Sector Leadership in Advanced Technology: Mark your calendars (May 21, 2014 at the Sprott School of Business venue)
February 25, 2014

OTTAWA, February 24, 2014 - CATAAlliance, Canada's largest high tech association, announced today a call for nominations for its long-standing award for Public Sector Leadership in advanced technology, named the Wilfrid Laurier Public Sector Leadership Award in Advanced Technology.

The Public Sector Leadership Award is presented to a leading individual from the public sector to recognize a significant contribution to the development and application of advanced technology in Canada. The recipient must have demonstrated creativity and leadership in the design and implementation of policies and programs to support the development and application of advanced technology. The recipient will have been consistent in supporting technology and its application. Programs initiated by the recipient must have provided important support to the developers of technology as well as to industries which will benefit from its use.

"Canada's public sector is home to hundreds of brilliant minds responsible for important technological advancements helping our country retain its position as a world leader," said Micheál J. Kelly, Dean, School of Business & Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University.  "We are proud to continue our sponsorship this award recognizing the leadership role played by one individual in the public service in making technology a priority for Canada."

The Wilfrid Laurier Award will be presented at CATA’s, 29th Annual Innovations Awards Gala,  hosted by the Sprott  School of Business at Carleton University in Ottawa on May 21, 2014. Full program details of the expanded Gala will soon be published.

This year’s Gala continues a 29 year tradition of recognizing outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership in expanding the frontiers of Canada's advanced technology industries.

CTV Alumni Host, Paul Brent will return as the guest MC and moderator of an All Star Panel of business and community leaders focusing on the theme of Leadership for the 21st Century.

++ Call to Action:
Please review Award criteria in para 2 above and then sumbit your nominations for Public Sector Leadership to: 

“Wilfrid Laurier University is known for its academic excellence and culture that inspires lives of leadership and purpose, said CATAAlliance president John Reid. “We're proud that the University is part of a tradition of sponsoring our most prestigious award for public sector leadership.” 


Micheal J. Kelly PhD
Dean School of Business and Economics
Wilfrid Laurier University
519.884.0710 x2671

John Reid
President, CATAAlliance

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