Is Cybersecurity one of your organizational concerns? if yes, then ask about our Study on required steps to ensure the present and future supply of necessary skills to protect assets, intelligence and growth potential
January 9, 2015

"It’s a Compliance issue. It’s an HR issue. It’s a Marketing issue. It’s a Leadership issue"

++ Action Requested:  Please read the background briefing note below and then contact CATA VP, Katherine Thompson at for full details of the Study.

Briefing Note

Recently CATAAlliance announced a joint study with ICTC to address the skilled talent shortage current facing most organizations in Canada. This global issue was a resonating concern discussed by senior leaders at our recent Cyber Forum who are not only facing challenges finding talent currently but are greatly concerned about how they will address the growing threats in the future.
As we have witnessed with recent breaches (Sony, Target, CRA, etc.) cyber security has become an issue that goes far beyond the IT department. It’s a Compliance issue. It’s an HR issue. It’s a Marketing issue. It’s a Leadership issue. Cyber security is an organizational concern and a growing threat to assets, intelligence and economic longevity. 

The goal of the study is to lay out a definitive and detailed roadmap for the skill requirements needed  to help public and private sector organizations understand how to recruit and develop talent. With these requirements, those responsible for course development are equipped with the information needed to train and educate. So who should be involved in this study? Quite frankly, every organization with an online presence has a vested interest in ensuring that their voice is heard. This study impacts public and private sector, large corporations and emerging enterprise. This study and subsequent training programs open the door to job creation and gives Canada the opportunity to stake claim as a global hub for cyber security expertise.