Conflict Resolution Initiative – Complete the Survey today to help advance best practice insights
January 9, 2014

Attn:  Community executives

Re: Alternative Dispute Resolution Survey (ADR)
      Conflict Resolution Initiative

One of CATA’s 2014 priorities is advancing a Conflict Resolution Initiative(CRI) comprising best practice research, inclusive of a multi-industry Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) survey to illustrate the costs of conflict within an organization and to also provide valuable data to assist in the development of conflict management programs.

CATA’s project implementation team is led by Co-Chairs, Paul LaBarge, Partner, LaBarge Weinstein, and member, CATA National Advisory Leadership Council and  Richard Moore, LL.B, C. Med., CFM, Cert. Med. IMI., C. Arb., MDR Associates Conflict Resolution Inc.

Properly managed conflict, which is a fact of life, can be converted into a positive experience which reinforces the values and positive attributes of a company.

++ Actions Requested:

We are calling on CEOs, CFOs, or Managing Directors of any commercial enterprise to complete a very short survey at URL:

Completing the survey will help you discern the impact of conflict on your organization and also identify opportunities for cost savings as a result of the deliberate and measured management of conflict rather than defaulting to the standard responses. 

Collaborating with Us

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Interested in creating a Survey with us or increasing the response rate to your already designed Survey? Please contact CATA's VP of Research, Kevin Wennekes at

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