CATA Partnered Event Promotion for more Delegates
January 8, 2016

event.jpgEvent Promotion for More Delegates

CATAAlliance occupies a unique position in Canada’s technology and innovation communities and industries. Similar to a political party, it has developed a massive crowdsourced outreach across Canada and in Global markets.

While the CATA network has proven invaluable to advancing Canada’s competitive innovation nation, it has also proven useful as a business resource to help companies meet their needs.

In this regard, companies can now benefit from CATA Partnered Event Promotion as part of attracting new delegates to your event(s). View Join CATAAlliance at Canada’s Leading Sales Event.

Simply create an event, including a small banner, linked to your event registration page. We then do the rest to ensure your posting is seen by thousands of potential attendees.

And we do that by using both traditional and new media resources.

Our Actions:

  • distribution of event posting(s) through direct email to a qualified list of 14 thousand members (or to a specific geographic area) in our proprietary database
  • embedding your posting(s) in our opt in social networks (e.g., Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter) currently with 48 thousand member participants
  • embedding your event posting in partner networks in all provinces or select provinces across Canada where CATA has been given permission to post content
  • posting on the cata web page, linked to RRS (Rich Site Summary) feeds
  • personal outreach to members of the CATA Innovation Leadership Council and CATA’s CEO opt in outreach network on Linkedin, now with more than 15 thousand executives

Your Actions:

  • prepare your event posting(s) and banner linked to your fulfillment landing page
  • as a special bonus we will interview one of your event sponsors, speakers or confirmed attendees, and post the interview on CATA’s networks to encourage registrations
  • cost is only a cash payment of two event registrations
  • CATA logo and member discount to be included on your event page

By working with us, know that you are also helping to support the mission of advancing Canada to first place ranking for innovation and competitiveness.

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The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) is Canada's One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group, crowdsourcing ideas and guidance from thousand of opts in members in moderated social networks in Canada and key global markets. (No Tech Firm Left Behind)