CATA Teleforum: Business Opportunities and ICT Trends: Sir Terence Matthews, Chair of Mitel and Wesley Clover
January 7, 2010

A one hour Teleforum with Mr. Matthews, sponsored by CATAAlliance will take place on
Thursday, January 21st at 10:00 a.m. EST.

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Businesses Opportunities and  ICT Insights

Canada prides itself on being a technologically advanced nation, with a vibrant and successful telecommunications and computer systems sector. Given our geography, it was only natural that Canadian institutions and companies would focus on the rapidly growing field of telecommunications. So when data processing and telecommunications, driven by incredible advances in both areas, merged into a gigantic global industry over the last half century, Canada was already well positioned. Over the decades, literally thousands of companies employing hundreds of thousands of highly skilled Canadians have created many billions of dollars of value for their companies and the nation. But the world is still changing rapidly, and insight is needed to take advantage of opportunities in today's globalized technology and business environment.

Mr. Matthews will talk about some of the factors affecting Canada's ICT sector, propose measures that would assist the entire high-technology field and then outline some specific areas of ICT business opportunities. He will also provide a review of the mission and mandate of Wesley Clover, a source of business growth resources.

Join us for this informative one-hour Teleforum and Q&A and benefit from Mr. Matthews insights and vision.

Who should attend?
Senior level executives in the public and private sectors involved in ICT (Information, Communications and Technology) business development and public policy creation.

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About Wesley Clover
Wesley Clover is in the business of building businesses using a disciplined approach that leverages the experience and knowledge gained by our principal, Terry Matthews, and a veteran management team led by Simon Gibson which collectively represents many decades of experience in the networking and telecommunications equipment industry. Our active Leisure and Real Estate portfolio develops properties around the world and boasts two 5-star resorts.

Wesley Clover companies have access to guidance and experience from an executive team of technology entrepreneurs, managers and investment finance specialists. This allows new entrepreneurs to focus on products and customers at an early stage of development. Our practice is to take a hands-on, active investor role working to build the business, leverage relationships and promote partnerships. With offices in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, Wesley Clover has developed a reputation as a truly world class investment group.

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