Closing the Innovation Gap
January 6, 2011

Join us at the next meeting of the One Million Acts of Innovation movement:

Closing the Innovation Gap
January 19th 2011
8 am to 11 am
Miller Thomson
40 King Street West
Suite 5800
Toronto, ON

Change can only happen when individuals see and hear new ideas and relate them to their world. Participate in a lively, interactive meeting in which industry leaders and academics will facilitate discussions on innovative ideas, which everyone can take away and use as inspiration to create change in their world. Help us progress toward the tipping point of Canada's innovation potential.

Inspiring Innovation
The One Million Acts of Innovation movement was created to foster better collaboration and to inspire all generations to work on issues that will inspire technology, academic, government, community, cultural and business leaders to think differently and contribute to a better future for all Canadians. Inspiration is created through an open agenda each time we meet, driven by the needs of our participants, and supported by the commitment to knowledge and idea sharing for the greater good - to create and count one million acts of change.

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