The Tech Management Talent Growth Campaign for Canada now Launched: Sees the creation of a Canadian Management Institute serving as a Super Hub for Leadership Training: Add your voice today
January 2, 2014

Accelerating the development of management talent and business practices to sustain and grow technology enterprises: Quo Vadis?

Canada has made significant investments in science and technology research and education in recent years. Yet, it is increasingly recognized that unless we also develop the management talent and business practices to sustain and grow technology enterprise, the full economic benefit of these investments is unlikely to be realized.

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Ottawa, ON... CATAAlliance, Canada’s largest high tech association, called on public and private sector leaders today to embrace, help advance and invest in a new Tech Management Talent Growth Campaign for Canada.

The Campaign, led by CATA Leadership Council member, Micheál J. Kelly , also Dean, School of Business & Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) will focus on:

  1. Development and delivery of customized curricula to support the skill and knowledge needs of technology executives, and development of related curriculum for undergraduate, graduate and executive programs;
  2. Development and delivery of relevant management modules/seminars for PHD students, post docs and researchers at specialized research institutes;
  3. Production of research on the critical management problems facing fast-growing technology firms inclusive of individual or multi-client research on specific management challenges, as well as related academic management research and case writing.

According to CATA CEO, John Reid, "Building a globally competitive technology industry in Canada demands the development of a broad range of relevant management skills and knowledge. Competing successfully and sustainably at the global level requires a focused effort to ensure that Canadian technology firms have access to a deep pool of world-class managerial talent."

He added, "Our view is that we need to create a Canadian Management Institute serving as a Super Hub linked to other top business school Hubs across Canada and the world with a mandate to fill the Canadian void in high quality, critical mass, teaching and research resources with focused skills and knowledge to support the growth of globally competitive technology firms."

Dean Kelly said, “It (the Institute) could support the development of a global network for research and program collaboration in this area. It will be designed to become a magnet for leading researchers and educators from around the word who are interested in the sustainable management of fast-growing technology companies.

Canada’s Starting Point: Something is Missing

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Micheál J. Kelly, Tech Management Talent Growth champion, and Dean, School of Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) spoke to the need for a major investment in the creation of management talent in Canada in a recent CATAnet TV video interview.

A key missing component to fuel innovation growth in Canada is the development and availability of an adequate supply of business managers who have the technology focus and managerial excellence required to ensure that Canadian technology enterprises thrive in the global technology market place.

A research study by the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity has argued that the lack of strong management, particularly in innovative industries, is a key factor in our inability to achieve our economic potential. It states that the development of strong management capabilities is an important element of research and innovation strategies –recognition that there is more to the success of these policies than a focus on research in the hard sciences.

Other studies have specifically pointed to management deficiencies of Canadian technology-based firms, deficiencies that have inhibited their development and growth. Innovative firms in Canada are often challenged in accessing managerial, as opposed to technical, talent.

Reid and Kelly
concluded, "It is imperative that we address our declining innovation metrics in order to realize future economic gains. Lets work together to create the best management institute in the world focused on technology-based enterprises."

The Tech Management Talent Growth Campaign for Canada forms an integral part of the industry's competitive Innovation Nation program under the tutelage of Canada's leading entrepreneur, Sir Terence Matthews. It lays out what we must do as a nation to move us from a 13th place ranking to first place in innovation rankings.

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