Enable the Emerging Workforce - Crises in Canadian Government Roundtable: Insights from next generation leaders set the stage for February 9th peer to peer event in Ottawa
January 2, 2012

CATAAlliance regularly alerts the community to initiatives that foster innovation leadership in Canada. To this end, we are partnering with the University of Ottawa,  One Million Acts of Innovation, and Sponsors on a peer to peer  Roundtable addressing three questions:

What is the work culture that can best attact and retain talent for the pubic service?  How can government enable the emerging workforce? What technologies/policies and new ways of thinking and operating could make a difference?

Watch the latest CATAnet TV interview of CATA CEO John Reid, as he discusses the importance of leadership in helping Canada become a Competitive Innovation Nation.  His  remarks  set the stage for videos from University Students who start the conversation on what it will take to attract and keep talent in today's and tomorrow's  public service.                                        

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View the Video.

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The Roundtable (February 9th in Ottawa) has been created by One Million Acts of Innovation and CATAAlliance with the generous support of Avayla, the Access Group, Salesforce.com,  and the Telfer School of Management. The leadership and vision of these organizations continue to contribute to building a vibrant and diverse local and national economy.

For further information  on the Rountable please go on-line at this URL:

John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance
Advancing the Business of Technology

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