Innovation Den Guide

The Innovation Den program provides police cybercrime experts a unique opportunity to interact with leading industry solution providers who will engage with you in either a demonstration or focus group type discussion.

Each session will be precisely 25 – 45 minutes in length (depending on sponsorship level) and allow for demos, Audio/Visual presentations, and Q&A. Instead of the standard Tradeshow Floor, the Innovation Den is the Summit’s principle offering to its Sponsors and as such is a critical aspect of the entire 3-day Summit.

You will be in the company of approximately 20 of your peers. You will occupy a U-shaped table in a spacious, comfortable meeting space offering continually-serviced refreshments throughout the day.

Typical Boardroom Set-Up – Vancouver Summit
Typical Boardroom Set-Up – Vancouver Summit

Innovation Den Guidelines

  • You are requested to attend the Innovation Den series on Wednesday, November 8, between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Depending on the precise number and length of sessions, the day may end early. You will be provided exact times as well as the identities of those presenting a few weeks in advance.
  • As an Innovation Den executive, your role will be to observe each presentation and potentially interact – as time or interest allows – with the industry representatives in any Q&A periods and discuss the quality/usefulness of their product or service to your organization or policing as a whole.
  • No pressure sales or incentives! Industry partners are clearly instructed they cannot offer any form of inducement (i.e. rebates, discounts, group/bulk buys) to encourage a point of sale result. They are further instructed to not leave behind any corporate-branded materials worth more than $25 in individual value.
  • The primary focus on these Innovation Dens are to provide a forum for open, honest conversation related to your current or future technology needs. Our industry partners are coached not to squander this opportunity on a ‘dog and pony show’ presentation with little interaction. In some instances, the products and services to which you may be exposed are in the pre-commercialization stage and as such your feedback will be instrumental in helping advance to prototype or proof of concept stages.

Innovation Den Process

  1. Innovation Den executives assemble in the morning for breakfast and are offered a short briefing session to review the process and answer any last-minute questions. Once settled in, the first presentation begins. These sessions will be timed to the minute: upon the end of their designated time, the presenter must pack up as the next presenter will be allowed in to begin set-up.
  2. You will have five minutes (min.) between each presentation where you will be asked to fill out a very short survey (taking about 30 seconds) asking you to rate certain aspects of the presentation. These results will be provided directly to the presenters as valuable feedback. You may choose to leave your contact information on these surveys for post-Summit follow-up requests, or leave blank and provide as an anonymous submission.
  3. You may use the break periods between industry partner presentations for a washroom and/or refreshment breaks and to return any phone/voice mails. Executives are asked to refrain from answering their phones or replying to email during the presentations unless of course it’s absolutely necessary.
  4. There will be a full one-hour lunch break.
  5. The Innovation Dens will end upon the delivery of the final presentation or at 5:00 p.m. EST.

Innovation Den Benefits

This program’s unique format is structured to facilitate substantive industry and law enforcement interaction in a group setting, minimize time away from the office, and maximize return on investment for every participant.
Your Benefits:

  • Maximizing time and efficiency by meeting with industry partners’ executive teams in one place in one day
  • Influencing the direction of future research and development: better ensuring future innovations are better tailored to the policing community based on your direct feedback
  • Being part of a group that helps maximize the potential of public and safety security technologies in Canada and globally
  • Learning about the latest cutting-edge technologies or solutions – seeing what is on the horizon
  • A ‘procurement-free’ zone: no undue influence as you are meeting industry partners in a public space among a large contingent of your peers
  • Realizing through the discussion among your peers that you have common challenges and potentially realizing opportunities to collaborate on identifying mutually beneficial solutions

Industry Partner benefits include:

  • Developing new alliances and strengthening existing ones through access to an audience of pre-qualified cyber policing experts
  • Accelerating time-to-market by presenting product and service solutions to a core group of influencers in a single, short period of concentrated business activity
  • Receiving unfiltered feedback from the users of and decision makers/influencers responsible for product and solution investments
  • Building brand recognition and immediate mindshare for next-phase growth and sales
  • Securing critical and knowledgeable insights into future R&D directions and better able to offer ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions
  • Avoiding the exorbitant costs typically involved with trade show floors, including floorspace, booth staffing and T&A costs, display development/set-up, and shipping, to name only a few

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