November 14, 2020

CATA in partnership with Lighthouse Labs and the Ontario Government Level Up the network for New Canadian Women in Tech

Following the first Level UP cohort, we’ve seen experienced New Canadian Women in Tech, graduates of Full Stack up-skilling at Lighthouse Labs, land their first tech jobs in Canada.

“We couldn’t ask for better Ambassadors” says CATA CEO, Suzanne Grant. Grant knew instinctively the CATA Level Up Ambassador pilot program made sense. She drew on her personal experiences returning home from 14 years abroad where she made a career pivot to expat entrepreneur.  

It took me years to build meaningful relationships when I returned to Canada. It’s just not efficient, so CATA designed a program that connects accountable Ambassador talent seeking networks with New Canadian talent. The Ambassadors intentionally insert experienced New Canadian women in tech to hiring teams. They’re delivering a much needed levelling up of the network so these talented women can be seen. 

Beyond new Lighthouse Labs grads landing jobs, learning a new approach to life long career planning and gaining confidence in one to one interactions are main program take-aways. The unseen benefit of providing moral support in the isolated job hunt phase can not be underestimated.

Grant claims the real key to program success so far is careful selection of Ambassadors. “They have network, dedication, experience and emotional EQ.  I’m so impressed with Samer Forzley, Scott Wright, Samer Kassass and Dimple Thomas”  

The Level Up Ambassador program is currently onboarding their second Cohort.  4 Cohorts for a total of 60 New Canadian Women in tech will go through the pilot.