January 22, 2020

Fellow storm survivors – cozy up with a mid winter CATA DownloadNorth


The Download North
February 2020
On behalf of the CATAAlliance community, we extend our deepest condolences to those who lost family, friends and loved ones on flight 752. Among the 176 souls on board, 79 were affiliated with Canadian scientific and academic institutions. Together we mourn this immense loss of talent and potential; innovators, entrepreneurs and future innovators gone forever. The Science Policy Center issued a comprehensive tribute and compilation of names here.
The Business and Culture of Innovation
From our CEO Suzanne Grant

Canadian innovators are world class – on so many levels. Canada is brilliantly at the cutting edge of discovery, research and emerging technologies, yet its abundant innovation potential rarely materializes into large growing companies that fuel economic prosperity and gainfully employ our new graduates.

There are so many challenges in building innovation businesses through growth stages to large enterprises. Fixes are neither simple nor singular, however, it’s time to strive for commercial mastery in Canada. The cultural component is a thing. Canadians have not been brought up in a commercial culture. Beyond the lemonade stand, there’s not a lot of encouragement to seek a career in sales – the bedrock of business growth. Our innovation system and programs don’t value commercial efforts. Innovation cannot happen in labs alone. Moving through product development to market fit to traction and growth takes immense skills, depth of experience, financial resources, heavy lifting and dynamic leadership and people sense. This is where a lion’s share of value is grown and ROI materializes.

What if investment in innovation, through grants and SR&ED, balanced out core commercial activities like sales, IP strategy, marketing, finance, leadership and their development with R&D. To be competitive we need to lean in and embrace the strategic commercial engine that delivers our homegrown inventions and brilliance to market. The good news – commercial mastery may not be common in Canada – but it is abundant if you have help looking for it.

Cybersecurity in Canada
Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Report Released – How does your company compare?
Cybersecurity experts and government officials anticipated that retaliation from #Iran in lieu of the US altercations would take the form of cyber attacks on the west, and an uptick of incidents was swift. In 2018, a massive data cyber-theft campaign, backed by the Iranian government, breached 320 universities globally, 42 of which were Canadian. The U.S. in particular is bracing for harsh retaliation and cyber disruption in many forms as a result of the assassination of Iran’s key military commander Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

The Sciencetech Communications 2019 Cybersecurity in Canada report, recently published by Senior Partner, Jean-Guy Rens, was commissioned by CATA and supported by CyberNB and Siemens. Rens surveyed more than 200 Companies in Canada. The report shines a light on Cyber readiness as it impacts critical infrastructure and advanced manufacturing. While the report’s cyber analysis has attracted dialogue and moderate debate, CATA has received unanimous praise for the quality of it’s meticulous case studies.
Over the next three editions of Download North we will share these case studies, starting with Aéroports de Montréal (ADM), Air Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Desjardins Group, Public Safety Canada, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Siemens Canada.

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SR&ED Update, February 2020
Thirty plus years of evidence based advocacy, seeking effective support for the growth of Canada’s high-tech industries.
By Russ Roberts
PhD, Sr VP, Tax, Finance & Advocacy, CATAAlliance
In my last conversation with the late John Reid last June, he was excited. He saw that others were picking up CATA’s messages and amplifying on them as their own agendas – a remarkable legacy.Key to John’s reaction was the recognition by many in the community of the need for:

  • support programs that give much better returns on Canada’s investment in start-ups and Canadian developed IP through government funded programs, superclusters, and research institutions; and
  • an overhaul of the SR&ED program, including its management, to provide transparency and credits better targeted to effectively assist firms in focusing on advanced technological based growth strategies where there is the prospect of significant returns to the Canadian economy.

Today, strong and evolving discussions in the media and advisory panels to various governments and their agencies are capturing growing attention.

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CATA Community in the Media
Canada's Cyber-Cops
Canada’s Cyber-Cops. Four Stories of What They Really Do
IT World CIO Jim Love, sees the intrigue and practicalities in cybercrime, intelligence and investigation amongst Canadian law enforcement. MUST read – an international CSI caper solved by an award winning Canadian Cyber Cop and murder mystery cracked by cell phone Google data with one warrant.
Canada’s Leaking Innovation
Neil Desai, VP Magnet Forensics and senior fellow of the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy in Toronto penned an OP ED in the The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business recently. A leader after our own hearts, Neil opined Canada’s leaking innovation. Although he sees the return of MDA as good news, he cautions not to mistake it as a sign of an innovation strategy delivering meaningful results for all Canadians. Neil presses the need for the Investment Canada Act to be updated for the realities of the digital economy in The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business.

CATA Community Opportunities
Over $1 million in funding for internet projects across Canada
CIRA’s Community Investment Program provides grants for digital projects helping build a trusted internet for Canadians. CIRA is looking for projects for its four funding areas: internet infrastructure, digital literacy, cybersecurity and community leadership.

This year, CIRA is especially looking for projects that benefit students, and northern, rural and Indigenous communities.

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FrontRunner Podcast
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How Does Everyday Technology Give Nuclear Fusion the Engineering Edge?
The world is full of interesting applications of everyday technology – and RS Components is sending Dr. Lucy Rogers, Ph.D. on a mission to find the engineering edge in sometimes little-known, but important, places.

CATA Community Reads
CATA Community Reads
Front Runner Investing
FrontRunner Investing: TIME CHANGES THE RULES by James Bowen
Everyone can profit from innovation, growth and changes in society and the economy. We just need an integrated and practical way so that we can all invest in the future. FrontRunnerInvesting is for everyone that wants to grow their portfolio using the themes that are changing our society and economy. The book and accompanying website provide a goal driven approach to investing along with a discussion site on the invest-able themes changing our world. Covering a wide variety of investment types including real estate, startups, the book discusses a top down approach to investing from themes to opportunities that match the goal of creating a sustainable portfolio. Individual investors can profit from the unique advantages that we have against the professional investors by using time and innovation/growth themes to our advantage.
RS podcast
Cybercrime: Awareness, Prevention, and Response by Kathy McDonald
Kathy’s new book, is the first comprehensive Canadian resource on how cybercrimes affect the police as well as individuals, businesses, governments, institutions, and organizations. Kathy McDonald recently shared her insights and expertise with Canada’s cybercrime leadership at EPIC -Excellence in the Prevention and Investigation of Cybercrime Summit . She is a respected community thought leader and an authority in cyber education.
RS podcast
Digital Transformation in the First Person: Surviving and thriving in a hypercompetitive era by Jim Love and Fawn Annan
For people who have made their careers in the technology industry, IT World Canada is an iconic Canadian business to business (B2B) publisher. In the world of consumer publications and to those outside the industry it may be virtually unknown. But within Canada’s technology industry, the covers of its Canadian CIO magazine were the tech-sector equivalent of the ‘cover of the Rolling Stone’. When your picture hit the cover, you had indeed ‘made it’ in the Canadian industry.

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Mark Your Calendars for Data Day 7.0 at Carleton University
Tuesday, March 31st. 2020
Data Day 7.0: AI Next Steps and Everything Smart
Join the Carleton University Institute for Data Science (CUIDS) on Tuesday March 31, 2020 for a full day of exciting plenary and panel sessions, research vignettes, a graduate student poster competition, and networking. Data Day 7.0 will celebrate the latest developments in data science and analytics research within the Carleton community and in Canada. This event is free and open to the public but registration is required and space is limited. Refreshments and a buffet lunch is included.
Connectivity and Modularity: Are You Embracing the Challenge
Friday, January 24, 2020 @ 2 PM GMT, 9 AM EST (6 AM PST / 3:00 PM CET)
More complex and connected systems place greater demands on connectivity. In this webinar you will learn about the key trends facing manufacturers to meet consumer-driven requirements. We explore how today’s connector solutions are meeting tomorrow’s challenges.
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